July 1, 2016

Sun fading, has been and will always be a problem with Navajo Weavings.  Here is an article written by my mentor Bob Morgan and old friend Jenne Brako.  This worksheet was written for the Mountain Plains Museums Association August 1986.  This has become the standard for Navajo Textile Conservation and long term care.


Light is one of the great enemies of Navajo textiles.  Although light enhances the visual beauty of the weaving, both artificial and natural light contains invisible ultra violet rays.  Even visi...

April 19, 2016

This question is one for the ages.  Most of all from clients who may have inherited or purchased a weaving at a yard sale with little or no records.  


With 27 years in the cleaning and restorations of Navajo Rugs I have a very good eye and feel for different breeds and how a wool may have been processed into weaving yarn.  The largest amount of Navajo reproductions come from our neighbors to the south (Mexico).  


If you have traveled around in Mexico you will notice that livestock and dogs are very roug...

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