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Full-service cleaning and restoration of Navajo and Southwestern Textiles.

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What I Do

For the past 21 years, I have dedicated myself to the restoration, repair, conservation and stabilization of Southwestern textiles with a specialization in Navajo textiles.



My name is Ben Leroux. For the past two decades I have been cleaning and repairing Navajo and other Southwestern and Native American textiles. Fueled by my passion of the history of the Southwest and my belief that we must keep alive the heritage and art of the Navajo people, I am entrusted by collectors,  dealers and museums to restore and refrubish their Navajo textiles back to their original condition. MORE



Each textile I work on has its own story and history. My objective with every item, isn't just to "clean and repair" it.  I strive to return each and every item back to its original state where it can contiue to tell not only its story but the history of the Navajo people. If you would like to see some of these stories please visit my blog.

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