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With the rise of interest in Southwestern art and with these materials becoming popular features of contemporary décor, there is a growing need for the cleaning and restoration of Navajo floor coverings and wall hangings. Displaying these textiles requires a specialized stretching, cleaning, and repair methods to conserve these beautiful and historically important materials.


For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to the restoration, repair, conservation and stabilization of Southwestern textiles with a specialization in Navajo textiles. In addition to the restoration of Navajo artifacts, I also restore textiles from other Indigenous Peoples including the Hopi and Zuni as well as Colonial Hispanic (Chimayo and Rio Grande) traditional textiles.

Working withover 500 pounds of specialized wools and hundreds of dyes, I have taken my years of experience and my passion for Southwestern art, to restore and repair these historical  treasures.  I work with private collectors, dealers and museums to bring these textiles back to their original magnificence.


I offer comprehensive restoration services of Navajo textiles including:

  • Wet and Dry Textile Cleaning

  • Repair, stabilization, restoration and conservation of textiles

  • Blocking and stretching of textiles

  • Preparation of textiles for floor and wall display

  • Evaluation and consultation of textiles


The preservation is not just a job for me; I am passionate about these materials and deeply feel these textiles must be protected as part of our collective heritage. I pour my heart and soul into every piece I am given the privilege to preserve. I have developed tools, solvents and materials specific to the unique characteristics of Navajo textiles. With every item I work on, my goal is to return to you a textile that is representative of the day it was first made.



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